At Easter we remember and celebrate events that quite literally changed the world.

Sadly, for many people these days,those events have lost much of their significance.


Many today see Jesus of Nazareth as no more than a good man – a popular teacher and healer – who antagonised the authorities of the day to the point where they arrested and executed him – a brutal death by crucifixion.

Those in authority thought that would be the end of him.

How wrong they were!


For, three days later, this dead man was alive again; seen by his followers and by many hundreds of independent witnesses.

And, as the reality of resurrection began to spread, it became apparent to many people that Jesus was no ordinary man.

Christians throughout the last 2000 years have realised that he was so much more than ‘just a man’; he was the Son of God, living among us.

Many people, through the last 2000 years, have tried to argue against the resurrection of Jesus;

but they have been unable to refute the life-transforming reality of those events.

So now – across the world – almost one in three people follow the teaching and example of Jesus; believing that he is God's self-revelation to us.

The teaching and exampleof Jesus still has a profound effect on countless people's lives in this country and across the globe

At the heart of what we are about as the Christian Church today is helping people whenever we can to recognise and experience that reality for themselves.