Along with our Sunday celebration programme, we are also doing something rather different…

Messy Church!

Messy Church is a new, creative and informal way of experiencing church for the whole family!  Children, parents and possibly grandparents too, come together to explore a theme through a variety of arts and crafts, games and activities.  This is followed by a short celebration where we hear and think about a Bible story, share our completed activities and sing a song.       

Each session ends with us sitting down together and sharing a meal.

The emphasis is on learning and having fun together; and all are welcome to join us even if you are not part of a Sunday Church. In fact, the only requirement is that children who come along bring at least one parent or carer, who is willing to join in the fun.

From a starting point only a few years ago, there are now many hundreds of Messy Church groups meeting, involving ove 100000 people; and Wixams Church will have our own Messy Church.

BBC News ran a very interesting item on Messy Church. You can watch and listen to the item by clicking here.

Why 'Messy Church'?

Well, anyone who has done art and craft with children will know one reason! The second is to reflect that modern life can often be quite 'messy'; and this is the Church's way of saying that we know that; and that we struggle in the same way a lot of the time; but most importantly, it's a reminder that you don't have to have a fully sorted, 'tidy' life to be part of the Christian Church.


We meet on the third Thursday of each month during term time, at Lakeview Village Hall, Brooklands Avenue, Wixams; starting with a drink and a biscuit at 3.30pm and aiming to finish each meeting at 5.30pm.

We do want to be an open and welcoming group, but it would help us to know if you intend coming along –

· so we have an idea of how much food to cook

· to help us meet any special dietary needs.


          A typical Messy Church session might look like this

          3.30 - Arrive; have a drink and a biscuit

          3.40 - Welcome and introduction

          3.45 - Craft activities

          4.30 - Celebration time

          4.50 - Meal

          5.30 - Time to go.

Please contact us if you would like to be part of our Messy Church group.