From June 2017 we meet together for Sunday worship once a month for a Cafe-style service. Normally this is the first Sunday in the month, but it may vary occasionally. The dates are shown in the Calendar.

Until we have our own dedicated spiritual space in Wixams we are meeting in the Main Hall at Lakeview Village Hall in the centre of the village.

As a new church in a new community, flexibility is at the heart of what we do, as we seek a pattern and style of worship  that will have a broad appeal. But at it's heart will be music and song; teaching and prayer together.


Our aim is to make our services accessible to committed believers and enquirers alike; and relaxed and family friendly, as we seek to respond to God's love for the world by modelling our lives on the teaching and example of Jesus.

As an ecumenical congregation we will draw on the best of our various denominational traditions, while not being unduly constrained by any; and always looking to freash ways of expressing our faith that are relevant and meaningful in the 21st century.


Holy Communion

Holy Communion is a fundamental part of Christian worship and therefore has a significant place in our worship programme. From June 2017 we will be visiting Wilstead Methodist Church for Holy Communion once a month. The service at Wilstead is at 10:30 am and is usually on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of the month. The dates are shown in the Calendar.



Baptism - sometimes called Christening -  is the universally recognised rite of entry into the Christian Church (both a local congregation and the worldwide Church); and we are delighted that this also forms a vital part of our worship here at Wixams Church.

As an ecumenical congregation we recognise both infant baptism - where a young child is brought into the church by Christian parents; and also Adult Baptism - or Believers Baptism - where a candidate who is of age makes their own personal promises and commitment to the Christian way of life.

To find out more about baptism at Wixams Church please email