Why are we here?

In the fast changing, ever more frenetic world, life needs a sense of rootedness.

As has been said before, it is difficult to know where we're going, unless we know where we have come from.

In a new development such as this, the builders give us the structures for living – homes, roads, schools and shops, and all the rest. But it is for us, as we move in, and live and work together, to create a sense of community among ourselves.

We also believe that life is less than complete without a spiritual dimension to it; and for us, the Christian faith is the best way to express that sense of spirituality; as we seek to honour the God who has created us and who sustains us through all of life; and as we find ways of engaging with and working in our community to serve the needs of others and to show others the love of God; by following the example and teaching of Jesus.


So why Church?

We believe that people are created to live in community rather than in isolation and that the increasing privatisation and individualising of human life is actually harming society.

It is the same for our spiritual life, which best finds expression as people come together to express, through worship and working and learning together, who we are in our Christian faith; and as we express that faith through our daily living, always wanting to provide a positive influence on our community and our society.

Christianity was never intended to be a privatised religion; and the church is not intended to be a place of refuge from the world but a stepping off point, as we take our place in the world; taking the love and grace and mercy of God with us as we go.


To find out more

If you would like to find out more about the Christian faith;

or if you would like to be part of a new church in a new community, please do get in touch.

Please look on the contact us page for details of how to.

In the meantime the What we believe page gives a brief outline of some of the core beliefs of the Christian faith.